On The Spot Computer Repair  



Remote Rescue   

PC Smart Medics now offers Remote Rescue Service. If your PC, or Mac needs help or you just want someone to look at your system and answer some questions Remote Rescue may just what you need. It is secure and fast allowing you to show your technician just what you need.

Web Development

demoPC Smart Medics offers full web development services including graphic and video development as well as database, ecommerce. and marketing analysis services.

Mobile Hot Spots

PC Smart Medics vehicles are now equipped with mobile WiFi hot spots allowing our technicians to have their own broadband connection handy for immediate remote support from the road or for on site diagnostics and testing.



About Us

   PC Smart Medics is family owned and dedicated to high quality personal service for individuals and small businesses. Even though PC Smart Medics sells computer and networking equipment we remain vendor neutral so that we can be objective about finding the best fit of equipment and software for your needs.


In the Beginning:

Steve "The Big Guy" Regier

   In 1992 PC Smart Medics founder Stephen D. Regier bought a custom PC from a local retailer while recovering from a work related injury. He excitedly brought the system home and set it up only to find that it would not operate. He dejectedly returned it to the retailer where it was purchased. They opened that case and tested the unit. It worked fine. Steve was sent home with the "repaired" system. Once again it would not operate and once again the system went back to the store. This cycle was repeated several times until the store owner insisted that there was nothing wrong with the system and banned Steve from returning with the system ever again. Frustrated he went home with the system and tried to decide what to do next. Steve first thought about a protest or calling the news consumer watchdog. Even if the protest worked, Steve reasoned, he would still have a defective computer. Instead he decided to put his diagnostic and electronics experience to work and try to repair the computer himself. After all it couldn't be any more defective. After a bit of study and research Steve opened the case of his sick computer and began testing it. His first surprise was that the computer did indeed run as soon as the case cover was removed. Further inspection revealed a small crack in the motherboard which would stay connected while the case was open but would separate when the case cover is fastened causing the system to fail. Steve found a replacement motherboard and after some trail and error made his first computer repair. 


The Growing Years:

Bob "The Bob" Lefley

   Shortly after Steve made his first computer repair upgrade fever set in. He found the need to add more memory and more CPU power to run better software. Without room in the budget for more electronics Steve started dumpster diving for parts at a computer store in Glen Ellyn called PC Smart. One day after hours the sometimes abrasive owner caught him in mid dive and what Steve thought might be an awkward moment became an invitation into to the shop to pick parts from systems before they went to the dumpster. Soon he was upgrading machines for family and friends using parts originally destined for the dumpster. The need to be able to test and find good parts among the bad made Steve and excellent diagnostician. He quickly became a fixture at PC Smart as he volunteered his time as a bench technician all the time becoming more versed with computer technology. It wasn't long before a local business customer of PC Smart requested on site help with their computers. They did not want to shut down their business for repairs and upgrades. Steve volunteered to go out on site and see what he could do. He quickly found that on site service was a natural solution for computer users. The systems could be analyzed in the environment they are used by the people using them. This would have solved the problem he had with his first system. He wondered why no one was providing this service. Then there was the issue about what to charge. Steve reasoned that he would charge the same hourly rate that he charged as a mechanic. It seemed reasonable. Soon work was pouring in. Steve was recounting all this with friend and fellow tech-head Raymond Riotte while watching Ghostbusters. Ray and Steve were joking about fixing computers like the Ghostbusters. On the way home Steve started thinking maybe this was no joke. Why not? He looked at what we was making fixing computers versus fixing cars and decided to take the leap. He left the auto repair industry, bought a retired ambulance and went to Sign Identity in Glen Ellyn for some graphics. With a Ghostbusters style logo he hit the street. Steve had become the local computer medic at PC Smart so the business name PC Smart Medics seemed like the logical choice. Ray Riotte came on board months later and the duo started making computers in the Chicago area "safe for democracy".


Where we're going:

Kevin  "The Maestro" Regier






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